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Update by user Aug 11, 2013

Stay away from the buffet there at night especially after the show. There was a chicken leg and food all over floor under our table.

The food on the buffet was old and dried out. They don't let you know that they are not restocking due to closure time. We had to waive down a water after 8 minutes.

He said loudly "What do you Want!"

He slapped the drinks down and never refilled them. The place was dirty and old.

Update by user Aug 11, 2013

Note they also stuck me me with a freemont resort fee of 5.79 a day with no warning even though I paid in March.

Original review posted by user Aug 11, 2013

I visited Las Vegas from July 10-16. I was lodged this time at the Golden Nugget off Fremont Street. On this trip folks I rented a car from Budget car rental. I'd skip this if I were you for two reasons. First they stuck me for Loss of Service coverage and stated I had to take it. I argued but they charged me 27.50 a day anyway. Said I couldn't drive away without it. It was a lie. Then at arrival at the Golden Nugget I had no room key yet and was a given a hassle. The valet parking I was told was not free as stated in the ad and the car garage was full up to the sunny 6th level. Of course I passed many empty valet parking empty spaces to park!

Travelers beware trying to cross to the hotel from the car garage. There is no painted or designated area to cross the street. This means almost getting hit by cars and taxis repeatedly(11 times over 6 days) This was not a safe crossing. I definitely would not recommend it.

Upon entry from the car garage you realize that you are on the back side and must lug your luggage through two long halls past bars and pool. On arrival to check-in area I tiredly realized that there were 23 people ahead of me with only two attendants. Finally two attendants that were talking about friends for 10 minutes went back to work.  The attendant I received was friendly. She stated that the Landry card could be used at any site for points. I showed her my Landry card and was assigned to the Gold Tower in room 1118. I received poor directions but after walking around for 10 minutes found the elevators. We(two teenagers 15 and 17) and I went to room and were happy with the state upon entry. Then we had to walk all the way back to the car garage on the 6th floor to get our luggage. That meant 11 floors down over two halls, waiting for elevator for 5 minutes at car garage after being honked at crossing the street. On the way back in I tripped over the gold metal surrounding the carpet in the area in front of the gold tower elevator. I wrenched my knee and banged my leg into the table. The picture of the huge healing bruise is enclosed. Be warned-- sandals would tangle easily. We went up to the room. Tired as I was I was shocked to see a seven dollar bottle of water to greet us(picture enclosed)

and then there was a 10 dollar box of only 4 keurig coffee pods as well(picture enclosed).

We got back up and walked down to the Walgreens at the end of Fremont. I bought drinks, water coffee and snacks that we had to then lug back to the room. I took pictures of some issues I discovered in the room the next morning. Blood stains were on the sheets, rust on fixtures, mold and dirt by tub, stains under sink and dirty carpet throughout(pictures enclosed)

The first full day in we went to the pool. We arrived at 11am. There were no chairs left. The chairs all had towels on them. There were less people then saved chairs. A real issue they have there is not requiring all to return towels on way out. They can leave the towels for hours on chairs. They really need to be like the Wyngate and check out towels by room key number. People would then have to check them in or pay for them. This would keep people from being lazy and saving seats after they have left for hours! Finally someone left and I got a chair. The water was distinctly murky and it was very windy that day so the waterfalls were off. The chairs had zero space between them on left and right. You literally had to climb into your chair from the bottom. The main issue is that the space in front of the chairs and the back of the next chair is so close that as you walked through people could lay their chairs into you bruising you over and over again.(picture enclosed)

My legs are severely bruised by this and painful! The pool was fun and the shark aquarium was awesome. This is the best pool idea ever. I wished a restaurant could have been next to it too. My teens tried the slide and loved it but hated the long walk upstairs to slide. The floors extremely slippery in the bathroom by each toilet. You literally had to hold on for dear life. You cannot bring a towel or take it up, however turning it in doesn't seem to matter. Basically dripping until you get to your room.

On day two we went to the adventure dome at Circus Circus. It had fun rides but the casino and area are highly run down. The area was in high need of makeover. The girls had a ball all day and rode some rides 7 times. The worst past of the day was getting in and out of the car garage and not getting run over. This time we ended up on floor 4 as far as possible from the elevator.

Day three we went to go to the pool. We were totally shocked. The entire pool was taped off with yellow caution tape. The pool was closed all day and into the next. We were told after asking 4 times that it was a bio hazard. My girls and I had just been in that pool. Today back home in South Carolina I just got back from the pharmacy. Get this !!I have ringworm on my neck. Yep and they stated that I had to get it in Vegas most likely at a water park or pool! Icky. We went to the pool the last day as well on the 15th as they stated the area was well cleaned and cleaner then before. I wish the girls had not convinced me to go that day! I broke a nail backwards as the metal rail in the front entering the pool is wobbly. (picture enclosed)

My long nail bit the dust and bled. The pool looked great but the cheapest drink was three bucks. We ate at Carson Street Cafe on the Nugget but were never told until the end that the Landry’s card couldn't be used there. My daughter ordered fries and they were cold. They also ordered fruit compote and it had definitely been made many hours before.

While in Vegas we shopped and wandered through malls. We also went to an ice skating rink. There is tons for teens to do in Vegas but so much walking and everything is expensive.

We went to the Gordie Brown show on July 13th at 7:30 and then to the free buffet that came with the tickets. I bought tickets and when I picked them up I stated we wanted to sit together. Instead the girls sat a seat away. We asked to move forward as the 4 rows in front of us were empty but were told no even though they were general seating. We loved the show even the teenagers loved the jokes. We then went to the buffet. We were not told it was closing soon. We were sat and no one came to get our drink orders for 11 minutes. Then he complained about getting them. The buffet looked like the food was older. It turned out they weren't cooking anymore fresh food and it looked over 3 hours old in areas. The food overall was tough or old. The staff did not want to respond to any questions. The area we were sat in had not been properly cleaned and the seats were dirty. Dirty food was under the table. The desserts looked great but were slightly stale as well. It was very disappointing.

On the last day we also ate lunch at the Italian restaurant in the nugget. We were sat next to the bar. We lucked out and hit at happy hour. They had 7 dollar pizzas. This turned into the best meal the whole trip. The ingredients were fresh and delicious. My youngest ordered spaghetti and loved it, The bartender took our orders and was friendly. He made the teenagers feel special and did not complain at all. Plus they took the Landry card.

The room had another major flaw. They walls were extremely thin. My girls were watching televisions and we heard a neighbor yell shut the F up and

bang on our wall. The help made noise I in the hallways or nearby rooms at any hour of the day or night. They cleaned carpets at 3 am loudly outside the door. The wet carpet became a huge stepping danger as well as moving from carpet to tile. Be aware the low ceilings were claustrophobic. They added a bathroom fan onto the wall at some point. The moisture after one shower would literally cause dirty ceiling water to form and drip on you afterward. There was no airflow to remove the moisture. Another issue is lack of plugs in the room. In this day of electronics it is hard to deal with two teenagers and only two plugs. Also wireless was 12.99 a day per item. This was ridiculous but free wifi is available where we were from lasvegas.net.

We packed up and lugged all the way back to the car garage after checkout by paper in the lobby. To add insult to injury I tripped over the gold metal around the carpet again adding another bruise. A limousine tried to run us over while crossing to the car garage again. What a way to end this stay!

Well they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: My ringworm, bruises and aching knee disagree.

Also Be careful the water in the pool bathroom is dangerous. The rugs they put down are soaking so you slide and crash into the stall.

Product or Service Mentioned: Golden Nugget Room.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Laurel, Maryland, United States #1290100

Vegas is pricey. if you can't pay then don't expect to have a lot of fun.

There are a lot of broke B's in vegas that gambled all their money away and hotels just can't afford to baby them.

You may need glasses, you seem very clumsy. I would be scared to be on the road with you.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1277722

Much of your complaint appears to be irrelevant. You mention there are empty valet parking spaces at the Golden Nugget.

If you had paid a fee, the Valet would have parked your vehicle and retrieved your vehicle when requested (a tip for retrieval is customary). You mention you had to lug your groceries from Walgreens (at LVBS and Fremont Streets). Why did you have to go to Walgreens, when you had a rental car and could have gone to Walmart or a grocery store?

It sounds to me like you wanted the convenience of the valet (or taxi/limo) at the cost of self-parking. If you didn't want to wait for an available lounge chair at the pool, you could have rented a cabana for the day.


Are you EVER happy? It sounds to me like you just like to complain...

La Crosse, Kansas, United States #910883

I have no idea who you are, or what was going on, as I was not there. However I agree with the other comment, Vegas is diffently not for you.

I went there once. And only once. The people are freaken rude, they only see dollar signs. In other words they see you as invaluable unless you have some money to give them.

What the world see's of Vegas is what is on TV. Very selective and deceptive to say the lease. In order to experience the true spectacule of Lost Vegas you have to understand there are two worlds there. The one world you experience is the glit, and glammer as shown on TV.

The other and more predominate is the Vegas Underworld. It is filled with greed, horror, and dispare. Ask anyone there! Vegas is a land of Preditors and Prey.

And now you know were you fit in, you are lucky you got out alive.

Middletown, Connecticut, United States #908147

And half of the complaints are about your clumsiness it seems. Other than bumping and banging into things did you have ANY good experiences? Seems you were ready to take pictures of all the bad stuff but there had to be some decent stuff in there too.


It sounds to me like perhaps Vegas isn't the place for you. You had ONE good thing to say about many, many places.

Either you shouldn't travel or you're so hard to please that nobody even bothers trying.

Most of what you described is fairly typical Vegas happenings. Most people know that and realize it.

Maybe a nice hotel in Idaho...

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