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Saturday, July 23, 2016 Dear Golden Nugget, Why ya gotta be so scammy? My wife and I recently returned from what was my first trip to Vegas. At age 52, I'd obviously seen and heard a vast amount of information about the iconic city and I'm happy to report that it did not disappoint. I lost a few hundred dollars gambling, had some fantastics meals, did a lot of shopping and saw that absolutely amazing Cirque du Soleil Beatles tribute show "LOVE."... Read more

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I was beat up in the ladies room at bike bash last year at the nugget. I suffered a concussion, broken nose, trama! Its neen a year of ***! Risk management tells theyll open a claim. But the decided they did nothing wrong. Yhe men's room at the event had security but not ladies room. If there was this would never have happened! I lived going there for events and shows! Never again! Its not SAFE!

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HELP!!!!!I NEED HELP TO SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT HOW UNSAFE GOLDEN NUGGET IS! Beat up and theu want to hust sweep it under the rug! It happened! Becausr of lack of security!!!!! My voice will be heard!!!!!

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A BIKE BASH OR GET BASHED ...   at the Golden Nugget  A.C. N.J.
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My Fiance and I attended a Bike Giveaway at the Golden Nugget casino (On the Deck) in Atlantic City, N.J. We Was having a Good time , Until my fiance needed to go to the Ladies Room . And then she was attacked in the ladies room from another Patron ( Biker ***) Security was Everywhere, except in the Ladies Room. She suffered Head Trauma, a Broken nose, Fear of going into a bathroom on her own Etc, .. Golden Nugget did NOTHING ... ... Read more

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Golden Nugget - Review in Hotels and Resorts category from La Habra, California
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My family and I went to stay at the Golden nugget for the first time and it was a desaster there service was horrible.when we checked in it was nothing but a run around sending us from desk to desk then finally they gave us a room and we went up to the Romans it was never cleaned and there was dirty towels on the floor and cups and water bottles all over the room beds in made .i complained and there just like here's a 50 $ coupon for the buffet... Read more

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Online players beware. They make it real nice in the beginning. Bonus money, big wins. BUT, that will change unless you are a very high stakes player. Go ahead, look in the casino feed. The high stakes players are raking in all the dough. They leave nothing for anyone else. The same person winning over a thousand dollars three times in a row in half an hour?! Absolutely ridiculous. Try to guess how much money is left for the rest? Unless you... Read more

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My friends and I wanted to go to fremont experience, it was my first time to the area. I asked my uber driver to let us out on Carson and 3rd. She said she could not drop on the curb as it was not safe to do so so I asked her to pull into a driveway where there was an uber sign with its company logo. The driveway apparently belonged to the golden nugget casino and the valet attendant was harrassing my driver, jotted down the license plate number... Read more

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How about being beat up! Faced & eye bruised. I have a deviated septum, suffered a concussion& severe headache! This happened May last year at bike bash in ladies room. Have been suffering ever since! No one did anything!! Not a word or im sorry from Goldern Nugget! I filed complaint& report but nothing! How about that!

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I am very displeased with the level of service received at this hotel. The guests above us apparently overflowed their bathtub, flooding our room. We were assigned a new room but had to stand in line twice to get new room keys that worked. The maintenance staff suggested we don't need to wait in line, go to the front desk for new keys, only to be told to get in line! Barely an offer of apology, much less a complimentary drink or meal voucher.... Read more

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As a former employee I personally witnessed two managers drop a tray of pastries onto the floor at the south tower location, at which point they brought the contaminated items into the storage area and instructed me to place the items on display after the line had cleared away, as they naturally didn't want any customers who had seen the fumble find out what they were doing. I had only been with the company for a few days when this occurred, and... Read more

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